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In such important choices and decisions, you, as decision maker and responsible, naturally want the best possible basis for decision making. In order to make a good decision, decision makers need to know what they are taking a position on and this is where Sim Logistics helps their customers.

We are experts in visualizing, analyzing and evaluating different types of internal logistic solutions. Through in-depth analyzes, calculations and simulations we get the consequences and costs of different options. Calculated data and results are compared and compiled in a thorough and solid decision making basis that facilitates customer decision making.

What decision are you facing? Do you have sufficient decision making basis?

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We will be happy to assist you in preparing your information
so that you can make the right decision!

Logistics consultant - Sim Logistics - Hesitant decision makers who needs help with decision making basis.

Managing Director and Logistics or Warehouse Manager are sometimes faced with difficult questions, choices and decisions regarding internal logistics. Decisions that in some cases affect operating costs for a long time in the future.

Examples of such issues may be:

What is most cost-effective:

- Introducing automation in our material flow or employing more in our manual solution?

- We have received several quotes on different automation solutions in our warehouse, which should we choose?

- What expansion and layout options should we choose?

- We are considering changing material flow and layout in our warehouse but are not sure that it will be better?


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