With the help of advanced software, Sim Logistics creates clear and explanatory images and films of buildings, layouts and equipment in the customer's internal logistics.


A new solution and layout that can be hard to understand is best explained with pictures or movies. With the help of 3D models made to scale, we can easily test if different types of equipment and material flow fit into a new or existing building.


With pictures and films from Sim Logistics our customers explain to and convince their internal and external stakeholders about the excellence of their solutions and equipment.



Logistics consultant - Sim Logistics - 3D Visualization of warehouse building.
Sim Logistics - GKN ePowertrain
Sim Logistics - GKN ePowertrain
Sim Logistics - GKN ePowertrain
Sim Logistics - AkkaFRAKT
DS Smith Packaging-Warehouse layout
Sim Logistics - Thule Group project1
Sim Logistics - 3D Warehouse
Sim Logistics - Warehouse Simulation
Sim Logistics - Warehouse overview 5
Sim Logistics - Warehouse Layout Ex.
Sim Logistics - Simulation Queue 2
Sim Logistics - Production layout.
Sim Logistics - Robot Palletizing Complex Pallet Pattern
Sim Logistics - Customer Ex. 1
Sim Logistics - Wrapping Machines With Format Control
Sim Logistics - 3D Warehouse 2
Sim Logistics - Slip Sheets when Palletizing
Sim Logistics - Warehouse overview 3
Sim Logistics - Transfer Vehicle And Pallet Stackers
Sim Logistics - Warehouse view 3
Sim Logistics - Thule Group project2
Sim Logistics - Slip Sheets when Depalletizing
Sim Logistics - Warehouse view 2
Sim Logistics - Transfer Vehicle And Pallet Stackers 2
Sim Logistics - Box Shuttle System
Sim Logistics - Slip Sheets when Palletizing 2
Sim Logistics - Simulation Queue
Sim Logistics - Area Gantry Robot
Sim Logistics - Customer Ex. 2
Sim Logistics - Flex Pick Robot
Sim Logistics - Warehouse Layout 10
Sim Logistics - Belt Conveyor and Intersection Controller
Sim Logistics - Warehouse view 1
Sim Logistics - Flow Rack Pick To Belt
Sim Logistics - Conveyor System Layer Pick Robot
Sim Logistics - Warehouse Layout Ex2
Sim Logistics - Overhead Track Vehicles
Sim Logistics - Thule Group project3
Sim Logistics - ASRS and conveyors
Sim Logistics - 3D Simulation
Sim Logistics - Realistic Robot Movements
Sim Logistics - Warehouse 3D vis.
Sim Logistics - Depalletizing
Sim Logistics - Flow Simulation example 1
Sim Logistics Airport Luggage System
Sim Logistics - Automated Material Handling Equipment
Examples of customers and applications:

- Suppliers of material handling and / or automation equipment.

Sell ​​more with impressive demonstration pictures and films.
We customize equipment and enter your company name and logo of course.



- Property owners who rent out premises for storage or production activities.

Promote and increase the occupancy rate with clear images and movies of your premises.
Showing several possible variations on layout and furnishings increases the chances of speculators getting inspired and seeing themselves as new tenants.



- Companies holding or planning to invest in premises or equipment for stock or production.

Visualize for increased understanding, clear internal and external communication as well as fewer misunderstandings.


- Other consultancy companies who do not have the resources to perform these services themselves.

Sim Logistics cooperates with other companies, please contact us.


Above is shown a number of sample images. We have also created a number of short sample films. These can be seen on the Flow Simulation page.

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