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Reference project - Alfa Laval

Sim Logistics conducted a pre study of possible changes and streamlining of the overall internal logistics and layout in the customers' site in Lund, Sweden. The prerequisites for the construction of a new central warehouse for components meaning relocation of existing logistics and production units were investigated. Furthermore, a cost and savings calculation was carried out. The customer uses the results of the study as a basis in their continued efficiency work with internal logistics.

Sim Logistics - Alfa Laval
Sim Logistics - Alfa Laval 2
Sim Logistics - Alfa Laval 3
Sim Logistics - Alfa Laval 4

About Alfa Laval AB:

Alfa Laval AB is a world-leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and separators. The company was founded in 1883, is listed in Stockholm and has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden. The number of employees amounts to approximately 17,000 and the turnover to 36 billion Sek. Manufacturing takes place in Sweden and in a number of other countries. In total, the number of major production units amounts to 40. They have a presence in 100 countries and hold about 3,000 patents.

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