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Reference project - Äppelriket

Sim Logistics - Äppelriket
Sim Logistics - Äppelriket 2
Sim Logistics - Äppelriket 3
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About Äppelriket:

Äppelriket Österlen is a member company owned by 94 fruit growers in southern Sweden. The main task is to sell and market members' fruits. They store, sort and pack the fruit in their central packing and in their own packing facilities. They harvest 10-15 million kg of fruit annually. About 85% of the harvest is apple, 10% pear, 4% plum and 1% sweet cherries. All major fruit wholesalers in Sweden belong to the customers. Some exports occur to Denmark, Finland and Norway. Office, packing and warehouse are located in Kivik on the beautiful Österlen.

Sim Logistics has delivered a pre study with action proposals and recommendations regarding increased storage capacity and more efficient material flow in the customers' warehouse in Kivik, Sweden. The customer uses the conclusions of the study and recommendations as a basis for their continued work on streamlining their internal logistics.

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