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Reference project - Green Cargo

As a partner company to ÅF (A large Swedish technology consultancy company), Sim Logistics has evaluated an alternative terminal property for Green Cargo in Gothenburg. The business activity was first studied and the material flows were collected and compiled in an analysis. After that, all revenues and costs of operation on the property were calculated and analyzed thoroughly in a revenue and cost calculation. Flow simulation was used to get resource needs and costs for staff and equipment, watch the movie from the simulation below. The customer has used the results and conclusions of the analysis as a basis when an important strategic decision was made.

About Green Cargo AB:

Green Cargo AB is owned by the Swedish state and is a logistics company that operates freight transport by train in Sweden but also abroad in cooperation with foreign partners. Green Cargo collaborates with approximately 200 truck haulage contractors, thus providing truck transport to and from the railroad. Green Cargo's network covers 270 locations in Sweden and about half of the transport is for the forest and steel industries. They have about 1,900 employees, have 360 locomotives and 5,000 wagons. Their drivers run almost 400 freight trains per day in Sweden.

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